Application Approvals Table

The following table shows most common application processes. For any application listed without a link, contact the Planning & Zoning Department.

To find your Zoning District, search our interactive Zoning Map.

Applications requiring Planning & Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and/or Architectural Review Board approval, complete applications must be submitted by 3 pm on the scheduled deadline date as listed on the Boards & Commission Meeting & Application Deadline Schedule.

All developments should comply with the City Development Standards.

To apply or register, go to Applications & Registrations.

City of Tallmadge
Planning & Zoning 
Summit County
Department of 
Building Standards
Outside Consultant
City of Tallmadge/
Summit County
City of Tallmadge
Summit County
Summit/Portage County
Change of Occupancy
Use & Compliance
Certificate Application
Certificate of Occupancy       Septic/Well

Food Sales/Service
Accessory Structure
(shed, garage, gazebo, etc)
Use & Compliance
Certificate Application
Building Permit (only if building exceeds 200 sf)          
Accessory Structure
(swimming pool)
Zoning Certificate of Approval Application Building Permit (only if involves utilities)          
Accessory Structure
Zoning Certificate of Approval Application Building Permit (only if deck exceeds 200 sf and is more than 30 in above grade)          
Accessory Structure
(Non Residential Use)
Zoning Certificate of Approval Application
(Boards & Commission approvals may be required)
Building Permit          
Fences/Walls Zoning Certificate of Approval Application Building Permit (only if fence exceeds 6 ft; Walls over 4 ft from grade)          
Demolition Zoning Certificate of Approval Application (only if structure is 500 sf or greater)    

Demolition Plan Submittal  
Sign Zoning Certificate of Approval Application (Site Plan Review may be required for ground signs)
Certificate of Appropriateness for signage in Overlay Districts.
Building application          
Driveway / Sidewalk / Parking Lot      
Right-of-Way Permit Application    
New Construction or Building Expansion Zoning Certificate of Approval Application

Zoning (Non-Residential) Application
(Site Plan Review may be required)
Building Application   Water / Sewer Tap-In Application Right-of-Way Permit Application Septic/Well

Food Sales/Service
Plan Submittal (if more than 1 acre is disturbed)
Interior Remodeling (without expansion or change of use/occupancy) Submit request to the Planning & Zoning Department for Zoning requirements. Building Application (in some cases)       Septic/Well

Food Sales/Service
Board of Zoning Appeals
-Variance Request
-Administrative Appeal
Variance Application

Application for Appeal
Planning & Zoning Commission
-Conditional Zoning
-Major Subdivision
-Site Plan Review
-Variance to Riparian Setback
Amendment to Zoning Map

Conditional Zoning

Major Subdivision

Site Plan Review

Variance from the Riparian Setback
Architectural Review Board,
formerly Heritage Commission
(for parcels in the Overlay Districts and historic structure)
Certificate of Appropriateness

Exclusion of Recognized Heritage Structure
- Agricultural Use
- Home Occupation
- Outdoor Dining
- Outdoor Temp Sales
- Peddler & Solicitors
- Contractors
Use & Compliance Certificate

Peddlers & Solicitors Registrations

Contractors Working in Right-of-Way

        If applicable: