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The City of Tallmadge now offers 
online submittals for 
Zoning Applications, Certificates and Registrations.

The online application portal simplifies the application process, improves customer experience and reduces the need for in-person visits. With 24/7 direct access, you can now track the process of applications, schedule inspections, upload additional documents and communicate with staff.

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Basic Overview

The zoning laws are administered by the Planning & Zoning Department. They regulate the use and development of all lands within the City. Compliance with these laws is a prerequisite for any building permits, but they apply even if a building permit is not required. The Zoning Department zoning plans examiners review the proposed use and development of property to determine compliance with applicable zoning laws.  If you have any questions about the process, contact us!

In addition to Zoning Certificates, the Planning & Zoning Department also issues permits for various Street Openings, Utility Connections and Contractor Registrations. The issuance of these permits follow approval by the applicable departments.

Applications are accepted for zoning approvals required by the Zoning Administrator, Planning & Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Architectural Review Board and City Council.



Zoning Certificates are issued from the City of Tallmadge and all Building Permits are issued through Summit County, no matter the County.

Each application process may require additional approvals by other departments or agencies. These are charted on the Application Approval Table.

Applications requiring Board and/or Commission approvals must be submitted by 3 pm on the deadline date as listed on the Boards & Commission Meetings & Application Deadline Schedule.

All developments should comply with the City Development Standards.

General Zoning Certificate

Administrative approval may be granted for accessory structure, fences/walls, demolitions, signage and permitted use & compliance. Application review may take up to 14 business days.

Informal Review

In unique circumstances, proposed developments may warrant this preliminary, non-binding review by the Planning and Zoning Commission prior to filing a formal application. Please contact the Planning & Zoning Department to determine if your proposal qualifies for informal review.

Rezoning (Amendment to Zoning Map)

Rezoning changes the zoning classification of a property, which may include different permitted and conditional uses, and development standards. Rezoning requires review and recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission and three readings by City Council. 

Conditional Use

While often desirable in the zoning district in which they are proposed, uses requiring conditional use review have potentially greater effects on their surroundings than permitted uses and as a result require additional scrutiny by the Planning and Zoning Commission to ensure that the use is appropriate for the location. A Zoning Certificate Approval must be obtained for the property within one year of the conditional use approval.

Major Subdivision

The Preliminary Plat application is the first step in creating a subdivision, involving the preliminary placement of development lots, public streets, and other associated facilities. The Planning and Zoning Commission makes a determination on Preliminary Plat applications.

The Final Plat application is a refinement of the Preliminary Plat and presents the final configuration of lots within a subdivision and/or finalizes the placement of public streets and utilities. It is also the document that is submitted before City Council for dedication of streets, utilities and easements and is the precursor to the recording of the plat at the County.

Site Plan Review

A Site Plan Review before the Planning & Zoning Commission is required for any new property development and expansion of structure and/or parking lots, except for one, two and three family dwellings. When a rezoning or conditional zoning request is involved, the Site Plan Review may be combined with said application.

Building Permits

Since 2011, Summit County Department of Building Standards handles all Building Permits and Occupancy Permits. Permits are issued once Zoning permission is given by the Planning & Zoning Department and Fire Inspections are completed. The Building Department can be reached at 330-630-7280 or by visiting the Building Department website.