Guiding Plans & Standards

Tallmadge Comprehensive Plan

The City of Tallmadge Comprehensive Plan, completed in November of 2017, is directed toward the policy aspects of planning. The Comprehensive Plan:

  • Defines a unified set of objectives for the development of the community
  • Determines community objectives which effectuate a sound pattern of development
  • Guides private land owners in making individual plans for the development of their property
  • Protects existing land use developments
  • Provides direction for the review and strengthening of the various land development controls 
  • Serves as a guide in the delineation of capital improvement projects 

What the Plan Represents: 

The plan represents a studied estimate of future land use requirements and outlines the pattern toward which the community should logically develop. It also represents the most economical use of land as well as the proper balance of uses to ensure the fiscal well being of the community. Whereas zoning usually reflects current conditions, the comprehensive plan recommends the manner in which future expansion should proceed taking into consideration the health, safety, economic viability and welfare of the community. 

Tallmadge Thoroughfare Plan

This plan has been developed as a notice to present and prospective landowners of the goals and intensions of the City with regards to existing and proposed roadways. 

Overlay Districts 

Overlay districts are established to define certain areas within which development is subject to restrictions over and above those of the base zoning district. Within an overlay district any development that occurs must be in compliance not only with the regulations of the base zoning district, but also with the additional requirements of the overlay district.  Where the overlay district standards conflict with the base district standards, the overlay district standards shall govern. At this time, the Design Control Overlay District is the only Overlay District that has been  To learn more about the Overlay Districts, contact us. 

Design Control (O-DC)

The desired development pattern is to preserve the historic nature of the city. It is intended that Tallmadge's remaining examples of historic architecture be safeguarded and new construction be designed to blend in with the existing historical integrity of the community.  

Neighborhood Center (O-NC) 

The desired development pattern is to introduce neighborhood-scale commercial and retail development in close proximity to established residential districts. New mixed-use and single-family development along neighborhood commercial corridors will also help to attract new residents to support commercial development. 

Innovation & Employment (O-IE) 

The desired development pattern is to continue the development of manufacturing and warehouse facilities with an emphasis on innovative industrial and manufacturing uses such as maker-spaces and small batch manufacturing. 

Southeast Gateway (O-SE) 

The desired development pattern in the O-SE is high quality retail, commercial and manufacturing development that is sufficiently buffered from surrounding residential uses while leveraging the physical proximity of the O-SE to major corridors serving the City. 

West Avenue (O-WA) 

The desired development pattern is the introduction of a mix of uses along the West Avenue commercial corridor that are adjacent to and complement existing commercial developments. New structures should be oriented to the corridors with parking at the rear and sides of buildings.