School Resource Officer (SRO)

Tallmadge School Liaison

The SRO is the liaison with all Tallmadge schools, maintaining relationships with students, teachers and administrators. He works closely with the schools to provide a direct contact from the schools to the police department and build positive relationships.

Juvenile Diversion Program

The SRO also manages the Juvenile Diversion Program, which if successfully completed, allows a juvenile to avoid having a court record. First time misdemeanor and unruly offenders are permitted into the program. Felonies and repeat offenders are referred to the Summit County Juvenile Court.

Typically a juvenile and his/her parents will attend a diversion hearing, where a contract, which includes consequences for behavior, will be agreed upon. Generally, juveniles will be placed on probation, be required to obey all rules at home and school, and perform community service, such as Saturday morning work detail.