Planning and Zoning Department

What is Planning?

City planning is a collaboration between the City and you (our residents) to make Tallmadge a place to work, live, play and stay! Planning involves working with citizens and leaders to develop and implement a vision for future development of the community. Guiding Plans & Standards offer a look into the goals for future development and growth in Tallmadge.

What is Zoning?

Zoning divides our city into districts and regulates the use of the land and the dimensions, location and use of buildings in those districts for the purpose of ensuring safety, health, convenience and the general welfare of the citizens. This is achieved with Zoning and Property Maintenance Codes.

The Zoning Code sets standards for how buildings and land can be used, how and where various types of buildings can be built, and how land can be developed and subdivided in an orderly manner to ensure adequate access, parking and utilities. 

The Property Maintenance Code sets minimum standards for safe and sanitary maintenance of buildings and property. 

These land use regulations act together to preserve and balance private property rights and public safety, health, and quality of life.

Department Overview

The Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for a myriad of items.

  • Administration of the Zoning Code & Zoning District Maps
  • Land Use Development Reviews
  • Major & Minor Subdivisions
  • Lot Splits, Consolidations & Street Vacations
  • Historic Preservation

Other Responsibilities include

  • Property Maintenance Enforcement - Property owners and occupants are required to maintain and upkeep their properties according to the Property Maintenance Code. For more information view the Code Enforcement page.
  • Contractor Registrations - Any contractor working in the public right-of-way or utility easement must register with the City of Tallmadge prior to any work being performed.
  • Peddler & Solicitor Registrations
  • Cemetery Administration - The office for the Municipal Cemetery is located in and operated by the Planning & Zoning Department. For further details about our Municipal Cemetery, view the Tallmadge Cemetery page.

Boards & Commissions

The Planning & Zoning Department staff serves as the liaison and provides administrative support for the following Boards & Commissions:

  • Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)
  • Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC)
  • Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Building Department

Since 2011, Summit County Department of Building Standards handles all Building Permits and Occupancy Permits. Permits are issued once Zoning permission is given by the Planning & Zoning Department and Fire Inspections are completed. The Building Department can be reached at 330-630-7280 or by visiting the Building Department website.