Human Resources

Human Resource functions are provided by the Department of Administration.


The Human Resource Administrator is under the general direction of the Director of Administration.  The Human Resource Administrator develops, directs and coordinates human resource programs and projects for the city.  The Human Resource Administrator works with the Director of Administration and the Mayor implementing and administering many programs for the employees and the city.  Those programs include:
  • Development of plans/initiatives regarding Human Resource related functions
  • The Hiring process and screening procedures
  • Job Descriptions and Evaluations
  • Workers compensation management of claims
  • Work Program initiatives including transitional work programs, drug free safety programs, industry safety programs
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Compliance with and updates to work place policies
  • Compliance with federal, state and local regulations for HR and employment related matters
  • Reporting to federal and state agencies
Human Resource Administration also provides assistance and input to department heads on other human resource activities such as drug testing, discipline, and general employment conditions. 

Additional Participation

The Director and Administrator both participate externally in miscellaneous councils and networking groups.