Human Resources

Human resource administration resides within the Department of Administration and provides various human resources functions for the City of Tallmadge, working with the Human Resource Administrator, including but not limited to hiring, onboarding, labor relations, work program incentives, the development and revision of job descriptions, employee training, and the management of Workers' Compensation issues.


The Department of Administration is responsible for preparation of the City's legal tax budget which is the basis for the certification of tax revenue to the City. In addition, the Department is responsible for preparation of the City's yearly budget and the subsequent annual appropriation of funds to the various operating departments, capital projects, and City debt payments.

Government Liaison

The Department represents the City in formal external organizations concerned with regional collaboration and intergovernmental relations such as the Regional Prosperity Initiative. In addition, the Department is involved in various ad hoc intergovernmental efforts that develop from time to time.


Economic Development

The Department is authorized by the City Charter to maintain an economic development effort. The Economic Developer is involved in business retention, business attraction, grant programs and various incentive programs to encourage economic development. The Economic Developer participates in various collaborate programs with other communities to encourage economic development outside the City's corporate boundaries such as a Joint Economic Development District in neighboring Brimfield Township.

Strategic Planning

The Department is involved in strategic planning for the City. In this capacity the Department advises the Mayor and department heads concerning policies and programs that impact the short term as well as the long term operation of the City. The overview of the preparation and adoption of a comprehensive land use plan is one example. Other activities, while equally important, are less structured and more specific to functional areas such as recommendations on utility rates such as water and sewer.

Employee Safety

The Director of Administration is charged with developing safety policy and practices across the City and its employees that prevent harm to people, property, and the environment. In this professional safety role, the Director of Administration oversees the development and maintenance of the Employee Handbook, employees' health and safety training, the Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Alcohol/Drug Testing Programs through the Human Resource Administrator.


The Director of Administration serves as the City's coordinator of labor-management negotiations and serves as a member of negotiations teams, along with the Mayor and other City leaders, that negotiate collective bargaining agreements with the City's labor unions.

Project Management

Managing the administration requires the oversight and coordination of many diverse projects--some big and some small. The Director of Administration often takes the lead on coordinating large projects, as assigned by the Mayor, especially those that involve outside government entities or multiple departments within the City.