Historic Structures

The unique attributes of Tallmadge, a historically significant City, are exemplified by the carefully maintained architecture of our historical past, particularly the two architecturally significant structures that remain at the center of this unique community. It is intended that Tallmadge’s remaining examples of historical architecture be safeguarded. Ways to acknowledge this is by preserving the historic structures and that new construction be designed so as to reflect the existing historical integrity of the Recognized Heritage Structures.

List Membership Determination

In 2009, City Council upon recommendation of the Heritage Commission adopted the List of Recognized Historic Structures, which included properties 100 years old and older with both of historic significance and in good enough repair to be feasibly restored or maintained in a condition that respects the historic features of the dwelling. Properties that can practically be maintained and/or have special historic significance were included, while properties deemed to be too deteriorated to be restored were and will not be included on the list. 

List Updates

The intent is to update the list on a regular basis. Based upon the recommendation of the Architectural Review Board (formerly the Tallmadge Heritage Commission), Tallmadge City Council approves the List of Recognized Heritage Structures. 

Historic Structure Alteration

Any significant renovations, additions or the demolition of these structures must be approved by the Tallmadge Architectural Review Board prior to completion. Contact 330-633-0090 for more information.

Recognized Heritage Structures by Address (Ord 77-2009)

* Historic Structure also on National Register of Historic Structures
165 North Avenue 323 East Avenue* 300 South Avenue 22 Northwest Avenue
194 North Avenue 332 East Avenue 397 South Avenue 35 Northwest Avenue
231 North Avenue 649 East Avenue 12 Southwest Avenue 115 Northwest Avenue
402 North Avenue 910 East Avenue 17 Southwest Avenue 166 Northwest Avenue
484 North Avenue 911 East Avenue 35 Southwest Avenue 196 Northwest Avenue
695 North Avenue 1168 East Avenue 65 Southwest Avenue 392 Northwest Avenue
29 Northeast Avenue 122 1/2 Southeast Avenue 79 Southwest Avenue 450 Northwest Avenue
78 Northeast Avenue 128 Southeast Avenue 93 Southwest Avenue 80 Heritage Drive
81 Northeast Avenue 163 Southeast Avenue 121 Southwest Avenue 631 East Howe Road
82 Northeast Avenue 259 Southeast Avenue 133 Southwest Avenue 483 Eastwood Avenue
90 Northeast Avenue 440 Southeast Avenue 139 Southwest Avenue 825 Eastwood Avenue
91 Northeast Avenue 593 Southeast Avenue 339 Southwest Avenue 833 Eastwood Avenue
594 Northeast Avenue 1109 Southeast Avenue 390 Southwest Avenue 1150 Newton Street
718 Northeast Avenue   51 West Avenue 152 North Munroe Road
878 Northeast Avenue     392 North Munroe Road
947 Northeast Avenue     504 North Munroe Road
976 Northeast Avenue     522 North Munroe Road
1300 Northeast Avenue     243 South Munroe Road
1336 Northeast Avenue     835 South Munroe Road
1559 Northeast Avenue      
1620 Northeast Avenue