Comprehensive Plan

The City of Tallmadge Comprehensive Plan, completed in November of 2017, is directed toward the policy aspects of planning. The Comprehensive Plan:

  • Defines a unified set of objectives for the development of the community
  • Determines community objectives which effectuate a sound pattern of development
  • Guides private land owners in making individual plans for the development of their property
  • Protects existing land use developments
  • Provides direction for the review and strengthening of the various land development controls
  • Serves as a guide in the delineation of capital improvement projects

What the Plan Represents

The plan represents a studied estimate of future land use requirements and outlines the pattern toward which the community should logically develop. It also represents the most economical use of land as well as the proper balance of uses to ensure the fiscal well being of the community. Whereas zoning usually reflects current conditions, the comprehensive plan recommends the manner in which future expansion should proceed taking into consideration the health, safety, economic viability and welfare of the community.